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"My experience with Paula has been nothing but positive! The first day we met, she was very optimistic about the sale of my house, even when the market was at its worst for sellers. I didn't think I would get a fair market value since home values dropped in my area. Paula went through my house and instructed me on rearranging and removing furniture to make the house more appealing to buyers. Paula also united me with contractors who were experience and fair on home repairs. She even came to my house and assisted on minor repairs on her own time to make sure my home was looking its best. Read More
"Paula is so spectacular! My boyfriend and I just bought our first home with her and we couldn't be happier! The market this year was absolutely insane but Paula helped us the whole way through. She even worked with us (several nights, might I add) until 1 o'clock in the morning because of our schedules and the market. What makes her special is her attention to detail and she works on a one to one ratio with you. Which means that she only keeps one to two clients at a time so she can devote all her time to you and make sure shes always available for you. I would recommend her to anyone and hope you choose her when you are searching for your next home."
"I initially attended the free Home Buyers Seminar that was given by Wrep's. Through the seminar, I gained a much better understanding of what it takes to buy my first home. Given Paula's attitude, willingness to help and educate, and not feeling pressured to buy a house (not use her as an agent), I decided that she would be the best possible agent for me. Her philosophy helped me continue on my path to find the perfect home for me and my son. After living in the house for less than 3 years, we decided to sell our home and once again I could have not thought of better representation. Wrep's goal was not to sell the house within a day (as most brokers want to), but rather focused on waiting to push the market and generate the most profit for me. Read More

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Why Use Wrep's?

1. We Are There Every Step of the Way

We start you in the process as an informed buyer and seller by providing the tools necessary. 

2. Top Notch Negotiation 

We understand the psychology of buying and selling that helps make the process traditionally smoother. Any monkey can sell a house, but to make a smooth transaction you need an experienced Realtor that understands the psychology behind buying and selling.

3. Professionalism

Paula has over a decade in the industry and Tony has a background in general construction and holds a builders license. Together they bring a greater power as a team. 

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