Buyers Seminars

Looking to buy in the next 2 years?

Wrep’s offers free first time home buyer seminars partnering with a great local lender, twice a year. These seminars allow you to enter the world as a first time home buyer with knowledge and preparedness for purchasing your first home. 

Attend and learn

If you decide you are ready to start the journey of home ownership, we would love to travel that journey with you being your educators and resources necessary to secure that goal. 

My husband and I went to the Homebuyer's Seminar and listened to a presentation of information from Paula Carpenter of Wrep's, LLC and John Jeffries of Prime Lending. I had some complex and confusing questions but Paula and John knew the answers to all of them. I would highly recommend participating in one of their seminars so you too can understand anything you may be confused about with real estate and the loan process.
- Alicia Armstrong

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We hold these events twice a year. Feel free to contact us! 

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