Faith Page | Stager

Faith Page has a passion for design stemming back to childhood. While most little girls are only interested in playing with their barbie dolls, Faith was more interested in designing and redesigning their homes and creating her own clothes for the childhood favorites.

Faith, entered the world of furthering her love for design, by the opportunity to intern for one of the top Architectural firms in the Northland, A3G Architects. The ladies at A3G took Faith in and eventually offered her a promotion as a paid intern. She loved working beside such influential women in the design and Architectural community.

She became proficient in site visits to determine how to best work a space. Using a program (Revit) she would draw the projected plans, and furniture placement to fit the project space.

Faith has ability to use sketchup and photoshop to show owners how a color change of fabric or finish could change a space completely. She has the talents to express her idea in relatable format for the owners.

Faith’s pride in her career path so far was being a hands on impact in design and projection of the Veterans Community Project initiative.

Faith looks forward to working with Sellers on adding expertise to the staging dynamic Wrep’s offers to help a Buyer be able to envision themselves in a home and make the home top notch market ready.

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