Home Staging

A staged home is a better home

Selling tool

Staging has been mentioned in professional real estate communities for decades. It is a tool used to generate higher sales prices and decreased time on the market.

Get a head start on packing

As a part of Wrep’s staging strategy, we encourage minimizing and packing up what is not a fundamental need of everyday living. Which in turn, helps the seller have a leg up in starting to pack for their new journey.

Faith Page | Stager

Faith, entered the world of furthering her love for design, by the opportunity to intern for one of the top Architectural firms in the Northland A3G Architects. The ladies at A3G took Faith in and eventually offered her a promotion as a paid intern. She loved working beside such influential women in the design and Architectural community.

She became proficient in site visits to determine how to best work a space. Using a program (Revit) she would draw the projected plans, and furniture placement to fit the project space.

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